Meet Luna

Meet Luna


in honor of my first pup, Luna

Luna was a rescue dog. She came into my life at 3 weeks old. We spent time exploring, learning and playing together. 

One day Luna was having fun playing with her friend Maggie in the river. And then all the sudden the energy changed. My heart dropped, something felt incredibly wrong. Luna came running back with a cut on her head. I took her to the vet and they cleaned it up, shaved around it, and told me things would be OK. From then on Luna's health went down hill. It was a sad turn of events, her hair never really grew fact she continued to loose more. I went to 3 different vets to try to heal Luna. 

I feel blessed to have come across veterinarian Donna Hartwood. This wise women took care of Luna with her whole heart. She tried so many different healing methods, and even invited Luna to stay at Animal Wellness while I was at work, so she would have company and moral support in her healing process. Eventually we checked Luna's blood and learned she wasn't healthy enough to fight off anything that came to her. After a lot of thought, Luna was put down at 6 months. I named my herbal business in honor of Luna. 

There is no denying the moon's magical qualities, so even though I named my apothecary in honor of puppy Luna, it's also fitting because the moon ties so well into herbalism and gardening.

Lunas Herbal will definitely touch base on gardening with the moon and stars, and making medicines by the phases of the moon.


Fun Fact: I adopted Luna on a Super Full Moon, and she died on a Super Full Moon. I now have Nova, (thanks to Donna at Animal Wellness) who I adopted at 3 months old on a Super New in 2018, she is a healthy 4 year old dog!